November 2020, we had a vision to reach out to our community and start a ‘Free Community Meal’. And every week, on a Wednesday we have families, the elderly and young people come and enjoy a dinner, dessert and a hot drink. We are in a time where people are struggling, people are lonely, and there are some in our community who need to know that there are people who care and want to connect. And with the help of wonderful volunteers, Big Papa’s Kitchen does this! Not only have we been able to provide a delicious dinner once a week, we also are able to give out boxes of fresh fruit and vege, food boxes, clothing, household items and frozen meals.

Community dinners were such a success, people started asking if we would cater for their meetings and events, and Big Papa’s Kitchen started doing catering in July 2021. Since then, we expanded the use of the space and opened the café for neighboring businesses and the general public, offering quality local food at great prices. This idea is to help financially support our desire to do more for others. We are a part of Northgate Community Services Trust, a charitable trust, so all proceeds from the community café go back into our community to help fund the awesome work we are already doing and for future projects.